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Spain vote for a change

Polling stations have already closed in most of Spain, but the voting is still going on the Canary Islands. By 8 o’clock around 57 percent of citizens have already voted.
 Ana Alarcón.
This is slightly less than in 2008.The highest turnout has been registered in the city of Alicante and the lowest in the enclave of Melilla.
In 2008 the turnout was about 76%. The polling stations are still open on the Canary Islands. Voting in many places has been affected by heavy rain.
The first exit polls conducted by Spanish national television indicate that the Popular Party is heading for a decisive victory. According to this poll popular party is predicted to win an absolute majority.
Earlier today the main contenders, Mariano Rajoy of the Popular Party and Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba of the socialist party went to vote. Both candidates emphasized the importance of this election.
Mariano Rajoy said he wanted the people to choose their leadership and for that leadership to be up to the task ahead. He added that he was ready for whatever Spanish people wanted him to do.
 Meanwhile Mr. Rubalcaba said Spain is at a historic crossroads and the next 4 years are very important for its future. He also added the citizens’s vote today is more important than ever.