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Popular Party swept the Spanish elections

The conservative Popular Party has won the 2011 Spanish elections. With around 45% of votes, PP will have 186 seats in the parliament. The Socialists have won 110 seats which is their worst electoral result ever.  
Ana Alarcón & Laura Reyes.
Mariano Rajoy the leader of the conservative Popular Party and new Prime minister of Spain expressed his satisfaction on the favorable results of this general election.
«This is one of those crossroads that will determine the future of this great country. I know what we have to do, and it is not a secret that we are going to govern in the most delicate situation. All of us will give our best. We shall govern for Spain and the Spaniards.»
Between applause and cries of the supporters, the PSOE leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba appeared before the media from party headquarters in Ferraz street in Madrid where he recognized thevictory of the PP.  He congratulated them and attributed the defeat to the crisis.
«The Socialist Party has not had a good result, we have clearly lost the election,»Rubalcaba saidafter commenting that the participation tube had only 7 million votes for the party.”